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    Fill the Boot for MDA

    Torrington Volunteer Fire Department raises $4,000 for MDA


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    Weed & Pest Report

    Noxious Weed and Prairie Dog Control in Goshen County


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    EWC Traffic Rerouted

    Students and visitors directed to use south exit as temporary entrance to EWC.


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    Torrington Resident Faces Multiple Charges

    Torrington resident Nina Dubray faces multiple drug and theft charges in Scottsbluff County.



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Recent Sports Stories

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    High School Volleyball

    Douglas Invite

    Torrington VS. Shoshoni

    Torrington WIN 

    (25-23, 21-25, 15-11)

    Southeast VS. Douglas

    Southeast Win

    (25-19, 15-25, 15-9)

    Glenrock VS. Torrington

    Glenrock Win

    (25-21, 25-18)

    Wright VS. Torrington

    Wright Win

    (25-11, 25-11)

    Southeast VS. Wheatland

    Southeast Win

    (25-17, 23-25, 16-14)

    Saratoga Invite

    Encampment VS. Guernsey

    Encampment Win

    (25-8, 25-8)

    Saratoga VS. Guernsey 

    Saratoga Win

    (25-10, 25-22)

    H.E.M. VS. Guernsey

    H.E.M. Win

    (17-25, 25-6, 25-12)

    Lingle Ft. Laramie Invite

    Lusk VS. Upton

    Lusk Win

    (24-25, 25-23, 15-8)

    Sundance VS. Burns

    Sundance win

    (25-16, 25-20)

    LFL VS. Midwest 

    LFL Win 

    (25-6, 25-12)

    Pine Bluffs VS. Hulett

    Pine Bluffs Win

    (25-21, 25-19)

    Kaycee VS. Burns

    Kaycee Win

    (21-25, 25-16, 15-14)

    LFL VS. Sundance

    LFL Win

    (25-16, 25-14)

    Pine Bluffs VS. Midwest

    Pine Bluffs Win 

    (25-12, 25-21)

    Lusk VS. Hulett

    Lusk Win

    (25-22, 25-20)

    Upton VS. Burns

    Upton Win

    (25-19, 25-15)

    LFL VS. Kaycee

    LFL Win

    (25-5, 25-21)

    Pine Bluffs VS. Sundance

    Pine Bluffs Win

    (18-25, 25-22, 15-11)

    Lusk VS. Midwest 

    Lusk Win

    (25-15, 25-20)

    LFL VS. Upton

    LFL Win

    (25-24, 25-16)

    Pine Bluffs VS. Kaycee

    Pine Bluffs Win 

    (24-25, 25-20, 15-14)

    Sundance VS. Lusk

    Sundance Win

    (25-15, 25-24)

    Hulett VS. Burns

    (25-23, 25-22)

    Pine Bluffs VS. Upton

    Pine Bluffs Win

    (25-18, 25-15)

    Lusk VS. Kaycee

    Lusk Win 

    (25-19, 25-18)

    Burns VS. Midwest

    Burns Win 

    (20-25, 25-14, 25-12)

    LFL VS. Hulett

    LFL Win 

    (25-20, 25-18)

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    KGOS –AM Sports Radio Live

    We’re your live sports radio station in Wyoming. Catch all of the local sports action and news you want!

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