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    Executive Order for Hay Carriers

    Cheyenne, Wyo. (RELEASE from Governor Gordon) September 23, 2021 -- Governor Mark Gordon has signed an executive order to allow motor carriers hauling hay in Wyoming to operate outside of regular operating hours and carry larger loads.

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    Wyoming Woman Found Guilty of Unemployment Insurance Fraud

    Casper, Wyo. (RELEASE from WDWS) September 16, 2021 -- The Wyoming woman operating The Casper Playschool & Infant Center, accused of defrauding Wyoming Unemployment Insurance, has been found guilty of the charge.

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    Wyoming Detects Rare Human Case of Pneumonic Plague

    Cheyenne, Wyo. (RELEASE from WDOH) September 16, 2021 -- The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) announced today the detection of a rare but serious case of pneumonic plague in a northern Fremont County resident. 

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    Governor Seeks State Management of Grizzlies

    Cheyenne, Wyo. (Release from Governor Gordon) September 16, 2021 -- Governor Gordon announced today that the State of Wyoming is seeking state management of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE).

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