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    Novak Gets Andrus Award

    Torrington, Wyo. (RELEASE from AARP) October 21, 2021 -- It was a handshake and a willingness for two friends to serve on each other’s boards of directors that started Paul Novak down a path of 45 years spent supporting senior services in Goshen County, Wyo.
    Today, AARP Wyoming announced Paul Novak of Torrington is being honored for that service as AARP Wyoming’s 2021 Andrus Award Winner. Novak won out over fellow Wyoming Volunteers Thomas Trapp of Rock Springs, and Clarence and Stella Montano of Sheridan.  

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    Wyo Legislature Will Convene to Address COVID Vaccine Mandates

    Cheyenne, Wyo. (RELEASE from WY State Legislature) October 19, 2021 -- Senate President Dan Dockstader and Speaker of the House of Representatives Eric Barlow have received a sufficient number of affirmative votes from a recent written poll of the members of the Sixty-Sixth Wyoming Legislature to convene a special session. The Legislature plans to convene for a three-day legislative session beginning on Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. The intended purpose of the special session is to address COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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    Pettus Asks for Withdrawal of Plea

    Torrington, Wyo (Story by Denise Heilbrun-Ellis) October 19, 2021 -- After pleading no contest to second degree murder and guilty to arson, vehicle theft and burglary, Sean Logan Pettus has sent a hand-written letter to Eighth Judicial District Judge, the Honorable Patrick Korell, asking to withdraw his plea to not guilty and go to trial.

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    Torrington Man Charged With Murder

    Torrington, Wyo. (Story by Denise Heilbrun-Ellis) October 19, 2021 -- After months of investigation and awaiting an autopsy report, the Goshen County Sheriff’s Department arrested Marty C Colwell, 49, of Torrington with the murder of Kimberly Apple.

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